Tanki Online Hack Tool, Get Free Crystals and Premium Account! (No Survey Required)

tanki online hack tool

How does it feel to ride your own tank and destroy the enemy fleet? Of course, you feel the awesomeness about it in this game. Yup, you should play this game at all cost. I can’t describe it with a word. But, right now, I won’t explain about the gameplay, but a way to play this game easily. I proudly offer you Tanki Online hack tool. What kind of benefits that you will get from this tool? Stay tuned to this website to know more about it.

The Function of Crystals in this game

For you who don’t know the function of crystals. I will gladly to help you to share the information about this currency. Without further ado, see the list below to know more about the function.

  • You can buy hull, turrets, and modules. If you want to upgrade it, you need to use the crystals again.
  • Not only that, you can buy paint for your tank. Don’t forget about gifts and the surprised item that you can buy in this game.

How to Get it?

1. From the gold box that drops on the battlefield. How to trigger this one is from the player and the GM (game master)

2. You can also get it from the battle funds and individual battles.

3. the last one from the daily mission and check in reward.

Gameplay of Tanki Online
tanki online gameplay 1
tanki online gameplay

Membership Features

    • XT Item: If you become a member, you can buy all the XT item that you need. For further information about XT item, you need to become a premium member.
    • New Icon Display: It’s not important actually, but if you want a fresh look, this is an alternative that you can use.
    • All the Pro Battle Pas Features
    • You can get the bunch of crystals amount if you become the premium.

So, that’s all features of crystals and membership in this game. If you’re a diligent person, you will collect the crystals by your own efforts but, if you type of people who lazy to collect it, this is a great chance for you to use Tanki Online generator right away. Many benefits you can get from it, one of them is, you don’t need to waste your money to buy the premium account with your real money.

The Making Process of Tanki Online Hack Tool

Actually, I don’t have any intention to make this one. Why I suddenly changed my mind? Because I realize how hard to play this game without having an enough crystal. Also, a premium account is needed to unlock all the features in this game. That’s the reason I started this project to offer you all these benefits. Of course, in the hacking process, I have one difficulty that makes me almost give up. Have you ever heard about coding? This is a nightmare if you If you don’t master this one. Why? Because it’s really crucial to make your hacking process went smoothly.

Thanks to my friends, I finally master this one.  Next, I download the hack tool from internet. The named Spear Knuckle V1.3. The reason I choose this because it’s free and easy to use, LOL. Don’t underestimate free stuff guys, If you use it right, it will become the strongest weapon of all. After that, I edited the crystals amount and unlock the premium features, so all of you can access it by using my generator. The last part, I make a protection for your account. So, when you using Tanki Online hack tool, your account won’t get ban by the game developer, very convenient, right? I don’t need your thanks, I’m happy to present you this one.

The Proof of Tanki Online Hack

Not many users will believe this crap at first. Yeah, I know how you feel. That’s why I’m not staying silently. I’ve already prepared a solid proof. In order to gain your trust, you need to see the picture below. I’m sure your doubt will go away immediately without any second thought.

tanki online proof

As you can see from the comments above, most of the hack working perfectly without any problem. You don’t need to doubt it anymore. I never lie to your any single bit. If you want to get free crystals and become a premium member, your only way is through this method. If you ask me the other method, I don’t really know actually.

Tanki Online Generator Features

  • High-Speed Connection: I used high script encryption. So, all the connection from this website is really fast. it’s faster than normal browser has. Can you find this amazing features? The answer must be no.
  • Free For All: You don’t need to give your money to me. All stuff on this website is free, except you want to donate, LOL.
  • Ajax Antivirus: For you who afraid of virus, you can rest assured. My antivirus already prevented many virus from coming, 3200 total virus on all users PC already cleaned thanks to my greatest antivirus.
  • No Need to Jailbreak: While you need to jailbreak your devices, it’s different from my method. You don’t need to do all that hassle, my working generator you can do it with one click only.
  • Available for All Devices: You can use on Android and iOS. So, not only PC. I already optimized you can use this hack on all platform.

Steps to Use Tanki Online Generator

    1. In order to use the hack, you need to use the orange button below
    2. After you proceed to the next screen, click the “Start Now” button
    3. First, you need to fill in your username and email address.
    4. After that, select a number of crystals and the length
    5. Check again, if you make a mistake, you can’t access the generator for a while, that’s why you need to be cautious.
    6. Next, click the connect button.
    7. Here, you need to wait for a while my generator server connects to the game server.
    8. When the progress hit 100% you’re done guys, open your game to see the result.
    9. Happy gaming guys, don’t forget to share this hack with your friends!


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