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school of dragons generator tool

Are you in love with a Dragon? If so, this game matches your liking. In this game, you will take care your own dragon. You can also do much stuff with your beloved Dragon. So, everything you do in this game is related to your Dragon. But, it’s not my topic for today. Right now, I want to present you how to become a Dragon master. How to do it? It’s relatively easy, just upgrade your Dragon. But, it requires a lot of gold and also gems to train your creatures. Worry not, you right for coming here because I present you School of Dragons generator tool that gives you free gems and gold.

Gameplay School of Dragons

Is it a good game like the movie version? I think I will get a different answer in this case. Yeah, everyone has their own favorite. Even though you like this one, it doesn’t mean the others people will like this one. In the beginning of the game, you get your default Dragon. Here, you need to train your default Dragon or looking for a new Dragon. It’s all up to you.

school of dragons gameplay

You can give a food, care and battle with your Dragon. You can also ride your Dragon but depend on the level and your relation with your Dragon. Play this game requires a lot of time, that’s why you need to be patient and play it slowly. Little by little, you can achieve your goal to become the Dragon Master.

The Function of Gold and Gems in This Game!

Before you use School of Dragons Generator tool, I will tell you the function of gems and gold in this game. Check out the list below to know more about it.

Function of Gems

  • Gems is the primary currency in this game, with it, you can buy exclusive items in the shop.
  • You can also use this one to upgrade your Dragon if you don’t have enough gold. But, I recommend you do this method if you really need it or in an emergency situation only.

Function of Gold 

  • The primary function of gold is upgrading your dragon.
  • You can also buy food with the gold. But, it requires a lot. That’s why you need to farm a lot of gold.

How to Get Gems and Gold Easily

For you who don’t want to hack your game, I will tell you an easy want to get it. Yeah, I will give you a clean way to obtain it. Check the guide below.


  • Invite your Friends: If you invite your friends to play this game through a mail. You will get 50 gems for each friend. The condition, your friend must accept your invitation and play this game.
  • Video: You can watch a video to obtain 1 gems. You can watch it three times a day. So, you will 3 gems per day.
  • Download the Game for the First Time: If you play this game, you will also get gems. You can get a lot of gems easily here but it’s only once.
  • Construction Zone: In order to enter this place, it’s requires a lot of Boulder Class Dragon. If you can finish this quest you will get a lot of gems. Approximately 10-100 gems. As I know, you need to wait for an hour to wait for this quest appeared.


  • Stable Quest Mission: Get your 2000 gold by finished this mission. it’s not too hard, you can do it quickly too.
  • Battle Event Box: The other easiest quest that you can do in this game. But you will get a little amount of gold from it. I always get 300-500 gold only, LOL.
  • and the others in a game event.

That’s the easiest way to get your free gold and gems in this game. If you don’t want to do that hassle, just use School of Dragons generator tool and all your problem in this game will be solved immediately.

The Proof

Not all users can believe this one at first. That’s why I give you a solid proof to make you believe it immediately. Curious? Just see the picture below to make you sure about School of Dragons free gems and gold is 100% real.

school of dragons

School of Dragons Hack Features

  • It’s Free: Yeah, it’s free. If you all of you read about “FREE STUFF” you will be happy, right? You don’t even need to donate or spare your money to me. I completely give this to you for free.
  • Anti-Ban Protection: Are you worried your account will get ban by the game developer? Forget that thought already. With my greatest tool, you don’t need to worry about that matter. I can ensure you for the safety of your account. Just use it without any hesitation.
  • High Speed Lite: Do you have a slow internet connection? Rest assured. I already found a way for all of you have that problem. I already install a great program into my website. Even though your internet connection is slow, you can still open this website perfectly.
  • No need to Root Your Device: You must ever hear the term of root word. Yeah, if you want to change the setting on your smartphone you need to do this steps. But, it will delete all your data on the phone. Of course, you don’t want that tragedy to happen. It’s different with my School of Dragon hack generator. Just use it like normally is enough. You don’t need to change anything.
  • Available for All Devices: You can also use it on your PC. Even though School of Dragons is available on Smartphone, you can use this hack on a differnet platform. So, you don’t need to worry about anything. I give you everything that you need.

How to Use School of Dragons Generator Tool

    • In the beginning, you need to click the link below. (the big orange button below)
    • Don’t forget to enter your School of Dragons ID and the platform that you use the hack if you choose the wrong platform. The code won’t work perfectly.
    • Check it again, after you done, just click the next to go to the next section.
    • Select your gems and gold amount. For the first use, don’t select too many currencies because you will get an error.
    • Click next again. After that, you need to wait for a while when the hacking process begin (it takes 10 secs)
    • Open your game to check if School of Dragons hack work perfectly or not.
    • Happy gaming guys!


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