Big Farm Hack Tool, Get Your Free Gold and Dollars Immediately!


Hey guys, what’s up? In this beautiful morning, I come back again to present you my latest experiment. The named is Big Farm hack tool. Of course, you know about Big Farm, right? This game quite phenomenal actually. You can see it on the Play Store or ads on the internet. For you who don’t know about it at all, I will give you the glimpse of it. Hopefully, it can help you understand about this game deeper!

What Can You Do in this Game?

Of course, in this game, you will manage your own farm, but what activities what can you do exactly? Jus check out below.

  1. You can harvest your crops. Such as cabbage, corn, and other plants!
  2. Raise your own animals. Like chicken, dog, pigs, cow and much more. You can also sell the chicken egg or the milk from your cow. So, you can get much profit by raising an animal. Even though when you buy an animal it cost half of your dollars, don’t worry about it, because you can take advantages of it.
  3. Construct your Farm. Yeap, you can decorate your farm, you can add a fence. The fun doesn’t stop, you can also upgrade your building and construct the bigger one to add more tool.
  4. Not only about crops, you can also plant orchards. After it’s grown to the maximum level, you can sell the fruit immediately.
  5. Special Mission. Don’t forget about this one, if you get bored while playing this game you can do this one. I’m sure it will motivate you because you will do the same thing but you get the tremendous reward from it.

That’s the activities that you can do in this game. Actually, this game is kinda slow, so you need to be patient while playing this game. And if you want to get a lot of resources, you need to play it everyday.

The Best Way to Earn Gold and Dollars Without Using Big Farm Hack Tool

Not all of you want to play this game on the dirty way. I know your feeling guys! Rest assured, I can give you the effective way to help you get the gold and dollars without using the hack.

How to Obtain Gold Easily?

  • The easiest way to login to the game. Yeah, you must know about daily check in. Of course, you don’t get the gold everyday, but at least you once a week, you will get it. Oh yeah, if you don’t check it regularly the calendar won’t move to the next day, in other words, it will stay the same like the previous one you play the game.
  • Special Mission. This quest plays an important in the game. Because this the best farming spot to earn the free gold. Of course, the more you complete the special mission, it will become harder unlike in the beginning, it’s very easy to complete.
  • The others way to obtain gold by leveling up your character account. Each time you level up, you will get 50 gold for free.
  • Last but not least is by connecting to the social media account. Your choice here is Facebook. I don’t really remember how much that you will get it. I think it’s around 20-100 gold (you can do it only once).

How to Obtain Dollars Easily?

    • Of course, the first one is selling your crops and other resources.
    • Go to the mine. Here, you can do mining to get dollars. But, it depends on your luck actually.
    • You also get the dollars by completing the quest. Not all mission rewards dollars in the end, because you the aim of the special mission is obtaining the gold.

Is it Real or Hoax?

Below are the testimonies for all users who already used Big Farm hack tool. If you don’t believe it, you can use the picture below as the references to analyze Big Farm generator is real or not.

big farm generator proof

The responses from the users reach 11.7k, I’m really happy to see this one. It seems my Big Farm generator helping many people to earn Big farm free gold and dollars.

FAQs Big Farm Hack

  • What can I do if I can’t open the generator?
    • First of all, you need to refresh your connection (disconnect your network) and the second method is disable your adblocker because I protected my generator with the greatest system, I don’t know why adblocker block my system.
  • Why I get an error message while select too much hack?
    • I’m sure it’s that your first time that you use my Big Farm generator. I can’t blame because I don’t give you the information regarding that matter. Yeah, for the first use, don’t select too much currency, I already set in order to avoid your account getting banned by the developer. The only solution is refresh your connection.
  • Why doesn’t the hack work properly?
    • Sometimes, when you already used the hack, it won’t work. The main cause because you already open the game while using Big Farm hack tool. The only solution is close your game before head and start the hack again. Or if you want a quick way, just close the game and reopen it again. But, if you want it to work 100%, use the first step.

How to Use Big Farm Generator?

  • First of all, click the button button to process to the next page.
  • You need to fill in your game ID and which platform that you use the hack (for the verification process).
  • click the next button
  • Select your package (Like I said before, don’t use too much for the first time)
  • Click the generate button
  • You need to wait for a while for the hacking process (approximately 10 secs)
  • Open your game to testify Big Farm hack work or not.
  • Happy gaming guys, don’t forget to share this hack with others people. They might need to help them play the game.

If you want to add something or ask a question about Big Farm game, don’t hesitate to write down your thought the comment section below.


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