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runescape hack generator

Hey guys, do you like playing Runescape game? If so, this is your day. Why? Because I recently created the tool that can help you to get free gold in this game. Is it that important to have gold in this game? The answer is yes. But, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Yeah, because you already find the suitable tool that grants all your wishes immediately. Without further ado, just see how the Runescape hack generator works.

Before I explain to you how to use the hack generator. I want to offer you the fun facts about Runescape that you never notice. It seems interesting, right? Of course, it will just check it out below.

Fun Facts About Runescape Game

  • If you died when you equip Plate Legs and Plate Skirt, you will keep the equipment. Yeah, unlike another equipment that will lose instantly if you died.
  • Arrow and Magic will follow you if you run from it. Yeah, there are some newbie players who don’t know about it. But, still, it’s useless to run from it.
  • Actually, your character doesn’t have fingers and face. When I first know about it, I’m really surprised, but when I pay attention to the game, its real guys!
  • For you who don’t know, Dragon Plate already released on the game. I don’t know why but the developer didn’t announce it to the public.
  • Now, it’s about the login. Do you ever notice when you log in, you always face the same direction all over again.
  • Do you wear a heavy armor? You can decrease the weight by eating the food in the city. Of course, all of you won’t notice it because there is no notification eat a food will decrease the weight of your body.
  • This one is really fantastic. I don’t know why it’s bug or not. But, if you do a home teleport and then you type emoticon on the screen, the spell will automatically get canceled.

That’s the fun facts about Runescape that you don’t aware about it. Now, let’s go to the main topic about Runescape hack.

runescape gameplay

The Making Process of Runescape Gold Generator

Now, I will tell the reader the process when making this hack. I’m sure all of you curious about this matter, right? You don’t need to hide it from me, I know about it. First of all, I learned about coding. Actually, this one is really important if you want to hack something. It’s like a basic program data that you must know and apply it in the hack tool. It takes me one month full to understand the mechanism behind it.

The second part, I download the hack tool. In this case, I choose Spear Knuckle as the main hack tool. Because it’s free (LOL). That’s not the only reason for me to choose it, but, it’s the most basic tool. So, the beginners can still use it without struggling that much. With the tool, I edited the currency of the game which is gold. After it’s done, I installed protection program. For what exactly? Of course, to protect all your account. It’s not funny when you use this illegal stuff and your account getting banned. So, what the purpose Runescape hack generator exactly if something like that happens? That’s the reason why I install it in the first place.

Proof of Runescape Hack

For you who hard to believe this one. I already prepared the solid proof that can change your heart. What is it exactly? Just see the picture below to know the truth behind this hack.

runescape hack proof

It’s awesome, right? Many users really grateful with my generator. That’s a normal thing to do. For now, you don’t need to hesitate when using this hack again. Just use it to your heart content.

What You Need to if You Getting an Error While Using Runescape Generator?

  • First of all, you need to refresh your connection. Just disconnect your internet and it’s done.
  • Check if you install ad blocker or not on your browser. I don’t know why but, that program blocked my generator.
  • Use Google Chrome browser for a better result. Yeah, because Chrome is the most stable one.
  • Restart your devices. There is must be something wrong with your device. But, first, you need to try it on another device, if the device that you try working properly, there is must be something bad happen and the fault is your device. Restart or reboot can fix that problem.
  • Last but not least, when you use it and get an error code (ex: 000345xxx) it’s the problem with my generator. You can just report it by PM me or write down the comment below. I will fix it ASAP.

The Features of Runescape Hack Generator

  • It’s free. Yeah, you don’t need to waste all your money just getting the game currency.
  • Max protection. Are you worried about viruses? Just relax, I installed a great antivirus that monitored my website 24 hours. So, just browsing like you normally do without worrying about that matter.
  • No survey required. If you find another hack that same like this one and you need to fill in the survey, don’t believe it, it’s just hoax. With my awesome program, fill in the survey it’s not required at all.
  • No need to root your device. You don’t need to do that hassle thing. If you read on the internet in order to change the system you need to root it, don’t believe it. Actually, it’s not completely a mistake, but, with my generator, you don’t need to do. I already set it! just use it like normal.

How to Use Runescape Gold Generator?

  • Click the big orange button to process.
  • Here, you need to click the start now button.
  • Start up by filling your game ID and email address for verification purpose.
  • Select the gold package that you want. ( for the first use, don’t use it too much or it will affect your gameplay, don’t blame me if something happens)
  • Click continue to proceeds even further.
  • In this section, you need to wait for a while for the hack to take effects. (Approximately 10 secs)
  • Open your game and log in. See the gold amount on your screen and be surprised about it.
  • Don’t forget to share it with your friends. The might need.
  • Happy gaming guys, hopefully, it can help all the players who play this game!


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