Dragon City Hack Generator, Get Your Free Gems, Gold and Food Immediately!

dragon city hack generator

What’s up, guys? How are you today? In this beautify morning, I want to give you Dragon City hack generator. Of course, you know this game very well, right? This Dragon breeding game really phenomenal on Android and iOS. Gameloft did really well to this game. Two thumbs up for them. Now, in order to make this game easier, I already prepared the hack that can give you free gems, gold, and food into one packages. And the good news, all of them is free. Are you curious about it? Just scroll down your mouse below.

What Is This Game About?

It’s simple, at first you will be given an egg. The egg will hatch into a baby Dragon. Here, your task in this game is to take good care of the Dragon itself. You can play with them, give them food or touch them to increase the affection points. You can also take your Dragon into the battlefield. If you want a new dragon, you get it for free by doing the tutorial or event. You can also breed the two Dragon to give a birth to more powerful Dragon. There are many activities that you can do in this game, so, you won’t get bored that easily. Are you curious about it? Just download it right away before you regret it.

The Function of Gems, Gold, and Food


  • You can buy food instantly with gems. Of course, everytime you purchase with gems, the cost amount will increase for sure. So, you need to prepare a lot of gems in order to access the instant way.
  • Not only stock your food, you can also use the gems to breed the Dragon instantly. It’s a good way for you don’t want to wait any single time.
  • For you who always in a battle, you can revive your character using gems.
  • The last thing you can do with gems is to summon the Dragon. I recommend you to wait for an event to come because the cost of gems usually will be half.


  • The main function of gold is building your Dragon farm. Of course, the cost depends on the territory that you going to build.
  • You can use gold to upgrade your territory. If you want to make it bigger, you need to sacrifice some of your gold.
  • Food also can be bought by using gold. But, there is a limit of buy per day. So, you need to be cautious about it.


    • The main resources to improve your Dragon. If you want your Dragon to level up and evolve, you need to feed it with food. How to obtain actually? It’s quite easy, just wait for the cool down of the food, after the recharge is complete, you can use it again. But, the more food that you use once a day, the cool down will increase too.

That’s the function of the three items that you will get. Each time has an important role. That’s why you need to balance your resources. But, don’t worry guys, I already prepared Dragon City hack generator. What you need to do just use it and generate as many resources as you want for free.

The Making Process of Dragon City Generator

making a game hack it’s not that easy as you think. You need to understand about coding. Yeah, this is the most important aspects that you should know. If you don’t master it, just forget about this matter completely. You can also use the PDF guide to know more about coding. If you already know the glimpse of it, I’m sure you can understand the concept about coding itself.

After you done the coding session. You need to download the hack tool. The recommended tool that you should download is Spear Knuckle V1.3, this is the newest tool you can use for your hacking process. Not only that, all beginners can use it without any problem. Here, I start the tool and enter the game server. Inside the game server, I edit the gems, gold, and food which are the main currency of the game. For the last part, I use account protection. So, when you access the game with my hack, your account will be protected and safe from harm.

Is It Real or Hoax?

Now, it’s the right time to show you the proof. I’m sure you curious about it, right? Just relax guys, I know about it. Before I know this stuff, I doubt it too for the first time. But, after my friend shows me the real power of the hack, I believe it 100%. In order to gain your trust, you need to see the picture below.

dragon city gems proof

As you can see, many users get Dragon City free resources without doing anything difficult. I’m sure you feel jealous with the users above. Don’t do that guys, your turn will come soon. You don’t need to be afraid of it.

The Features of Dragon City Hack

Free for all. Yup, you don’t need to waste all your money to use Dragon City hack generator.

Unlimited access: You don’t need to worry when accessing my generator. There is no usage limit, so, you can use it again and again.

Free from the virus. All activity on my website already monitored by Ajax Defender. So, you won’t find any single virus on my website.

→ Speedy Connection. For you who have slow internet, you don’t need to worry about it. When you accessing my website, the loading time will become much faster than a usual website.

→ Available on all types of smartphone. Yeah, Dragon City generator is compatible with any kind of smartphone system. So, you can relax while using it.

How to Use Dragon City Hack Generator

  • Start by clicking the orange button.
  • After you arrive at the hacking page, you need to click “start now” button
  • Fill in your FB ID or email address (Double checked it again)
  • Select the gems, gold, and food amount.
  • click connect button. Here, you need to wait for a while, approximately 10 secs in order to transfer the hack to your game account.
  • Check your game. I’m sure you will be surprised of you gems, gold, and food amount.
  • Enjoy guys! Don’t forget to share it with your beloved friend. They might need it.


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