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candy crush tips

Candy Crush is one of the fun game that you should play in your free time. I’m sure you will love it very much like me. Even though the game concept is really simple, you just need to match three or more sugar with the same colors and then if you success to do it, you will get points as the reward. In order to finish the stage, you need to check the requirements score. If you get lower from the minimum you will fail in the stage. Below is the Candy Crush tips that you should know.

Useful Candy Crush Tips

Get Extra Life Easily

Yeah, you can get extra lives without doing a simple task. You don’t need to wait for the lives to refill itself because it takes a long time to complete. Here is the trick, you can get the free lives by managing the setting of your clock. Here, you can set it ahead to restore all the lives that you already lost. I think it’s a glitch from the developer itself.

Reset Your Boards

Well, if you feel unlucky about the candies board, you can reset again. But, everytime you do it, you need to pay it with your lives. But, it’s better than you get the best board that grant you lot of score. So, paying with your lives it’s not a real problem.

candy crush special candies

Get Special Candy As Much As You Can

Special candy is really important. It can be matched with any kind of candies and the score of the candies that you can match is double. There are three types of striped candy, wrapped candy, and color bomb. Just use this three candies effectively.

candy crush blocker

Blocker is an Obstacles for Your Progress

As you can see, there are some candies that get trapped in a box. The named of the trap is the blocker. Here, you need to match the same color and then the box will be destroyed for sure. Actually, blocker it’s an annoying thing that will prevent you to get the better score.

Don’t Trust the Recommend Move

Sometimes, when you don’t move around, the helper will show the indicator the recommended move that you can do. But, you need to use your own move. You need to inspect the board quickly the best method that you can use. The recommend move not always good, that’s why you need to look for another way out guys.

Hack Candy Crush 

I’m sure you curious with the link above. You will be redirected to another page to get Candy Crush gold bars. Of course, it’s for free and you don’t need to pay anything. Yup, everything is free here! That’s enough for today article about Candy Crush tips. Hopefully, it can help all of you to become the badass player in Candy Crush game!


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