Monster Legends Strategy Guide | The Stuff You Need to Know about the Game!

monster legends strategy guide

Hey guys, do you know about Monster Legends? Or you the veteran player who plays the game? If so, I don’t need to talk much about the game itself. Now, I’m here because want to present you something special about the game. Yeah, I will give you Monster Legends strategy guide. Everything basic information that you should know it’s here. Without further ado, just scroll down your mouse below to see it.

Monster Legends Strategy Guide

In this guide, I will tell you every information that you need to know about the game. Are you curious about it? Just see the list below.

monster legends gameplay

Know Your Opponents weakness: this one is similar to another RPG game. Opponents have a weakness. Of course, you also have it. Knowing the elemental weakness of your opponent can make you win the battle easily. You can see the picture above about the type advantages in this game.

Form Your Team Correctly: I suggest you form the party with a different type of monsters elements. If so, it will be hard for the opponents to defeat your monsters. Rather you using the same type and you will be crushed quickly. Organize your party member also important in this breeding game.

monster legends special items

Use Special Item: If you don’t have support characters. You can use support item to aid you. You can simply tap the item’s icon and choose the special item that you going to use. I personally like to use the poison item. Why? Because it’s really helpful, ever turn your opponents will get a poison damage.

Monster Special Skill is very Important: For you who don’t know, special skill is really helpful to deal the devastating damage and increase your status. That’s why you need to know the characteristic first. You can’t see it in battle, so, you need to memorize the skill effects. If you can take advantages of this one, I’m sure you will become the badass player in the game.

Get Free Gems: One of the important aspects about this currency is to summon powerful monsters. That’s why all player collects Monster Legends gems and treasure it. But, you don’t need to worry about all those, you can get for free. It’s real guys, just click the link below to find out about this one.

Monster Legends Hack

That’s the link to get unlimited gems in Monster Legends game. If you already prepared the risk, I welcome you to click the link above. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article about Monster Legends strategy guide. Hopefully, it can help you in this game. See you all again next time!


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