4 Clash of Clans Farming Tips for Beginners

clash of clans farming tips

Farming is a term in which the player in attacking and defending is not focused on the trophy but resources. They try to gain as many resources as they can in order to fasten up their game progress. As we know, just counting on the production buildings is not too effective. We need to find the other way to get it like raiding the opponent’s base to steal their resources. This way often used by the players in order to help them in getting a faster progress. And Clash of Clans farming tips will help you to achieve it. So, let’s check it out together.

All of the Clash of Clans Farming Tips You Should Know

  • Put the Town Hall Outside

Put the Town Hall outside will be my first farming tips for Clash of Clans. In order to do the farming strategy, you need to have a well-prepared base. Put your town hall outside and put the resource storages inside of your base. This is to make sure that your enemy cannot reach your resources easily. And putting your Town Hall outside is to make more space for your resources and as the bait so the enemy won’t destroy your base. They will just aim the Town Hall and leave.

  • Don’t Put the Resource Storage in a Group

You should keep your storages in the safe place if you don’t want the enemy to steal your resources. And the best way to do it is, by spreading them around your base. But, always make sure that each of them has a good protection.

  • Stay in the Gold League

If you want to farm the resources, you should stay in the Gold league. In this league, you will meet an easier enemy who has a lot of resources. If you stay in the higher league, you will meet a harder enemy although they have a lot of resources. But, of course, you won’t beat them easily and also you cannot take all of their resources. However, you can get all the resources from your enemy if they are easy to beat.

  • Just Use the Archer to Raid Your Enemy

Now, we have arrived in my last Clash of Clans tips for farming. Sometimes, you will meet the enemy who has a lot of resources with an empty storage. Actually, it is not a bug or a problem with your game. Just take a look at their resource production. If the production building is full, it means that all of the resources are there. So, you just need to bring the Archer to take the resources because mostly, the resource productions are placed outside of the base. So, just aim for an enemy like this if you want to get rich.

Before I end my Clash of Clans farming tips for today, I wanna give this Clash of Clans Gems Hack so you can generate as many as Gems as you want. So, don’t hesitate to try it or you will be sorry.


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