Clash Of Clans Review and Tips For Beginner Clan!

clash of clans review

First of all, let me tell my gratitude because you are choosing my website among all of the other websites out there. Second, let me promises that you won’t get disappointed because you are choosing this website among the other websites. Well, this day we will talk about Clash of Clans game. So, how much do you know about this game? Do you know that this game also has a leaked system? Well, if you are still a newbie player on this game and thirst for more information and gems for your jumping stone. I think you should read my article today because I will also give free gems to all my readers today at the end of this article. So, what are you waiting for? Check out my Clash Of Clans review now!

Clash Of Clans Review

clash of clans tips

I believe, really believe that there are a lot of you that already know about this game. However, I also believe that there are a lot of newbie players on this game that still has a zero knowledge about this game. That’s why to make it fairer, I will tell you a little about this game on my Clash Of Clans review today.

Everybody already knows that Clash of Clans is published by SuperCell but do you know if SuperCell launch this game to the market at August 2, 2012. That means this game already 5 years since the first time launched by its developer. Well, even though this is an old game, a new player keep approaching and sign up to this game. That’s also become the reason why this game is hard to get shifted from the top position of RTS game. Even though the competitor in this game such as Clash Royale, Clash of Kings, Boom Beach, and the other similar RTS games try hard to move this game rank.

Well, as you can guess, this game popularity hit its peak because of the loyalty from the player itself. Even though this game being hit by a few issues, this won’t make the players of this game leave this game easily. Maybe one of the reasons of their loyalty is because of the GAMEPLAY that this game offer to us.

Clash Of Clans Tips

Clash of clans strategy

There is something in this game that makes the players of this game still loyal even though there are a lot much better games out there. However, what’s different about this game since the competitor of this game already copied all of those features? Well, there is still something that can’t replace on this game. That’s the tension of this game. Well, you can ask the other RTS gamer and ask for comparing the battle situation between Clash of Clans and the other RTS games. Well, this what makes this game become more interesting because you don’t have a free time to pass out and do nothing!

That’s also become my biggest reason why I make this Clash Of Clans tips and strategy. It’s to help you cool down the tension on this game and let yourself take a rest while your game progress keeps moving!

  1. What is important in this Clash of Clans strategy is to keep you spirits burnt and to keep patient. Why do I say that? Well, if you want to play this game with out a dirty trick, you need to save up your gems. Why? Because you can use your gems for something more useful!
  2. Stay undercover! Shield Up! Because you are a newbie player, there are a lot of eyes watching you ready to steal your resources. This is when you can use you can use your gems! Just use your gems and shield up! Protect your resources from BANDITS!
  3. Bait for a decoy. Sometimes you need a sacrifice to achieve something bigger and a lot precious. Do you know why I name this trick “bait for decoy”? Well, it’s because you will make your TH as a decoy to protect your resources. This trick also to prevent much bigger damage caused by your enemies. Protecting your resources is your main GOAL!
However, not all plan will go smooth like what we have been planned, right? Sometimes as a new player we also need to spend a few buck to fasten our upgrade. That’s why I will share this Clash Of Clans gems hack trick to you. So, you can generate as many gems as you want.
Well, I think my article today about Clash Of Clans review is enough for today. If you think my article today is helpful, don’t forget to share this article. Well, see you soon on my next article and have a nice day.


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