8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks | 4 Easy Tips to Make You a Better Player

8 ball pool tips and tricks

8 Ball Pool is the best pool game which can be played on Android or iOS platform. This game is really challenging because you can compete with the other players from around the world in a real time challenge. What makes this game so exciting is that in this game you will need your experience and skills in playing billiard. But, not many people have a good skill since there are also so many beginners in this game. That’s why I am here today to give you some 8 Ball Pool tips and tricks that you can apply to turn you from a beginner into a professional.

8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks

Understand the Rules First

This is 8 Ball Pool tips that you should know. Many people are playing this pool game, but a lot of them seem not knowing about the rules in playing it. If you don’t know the rules, you won’t become a pro in the near future. So, here are some basic rules that you should learn:

  • Each player will have to pot all the balls into the hole based on their pattern (stripes/spots).
  • Potting the opponent target ball will not count as a foul, but you will give your turn to them and they have a lesser ball.
  • If the cue ball doesn’t hit the target ball, it is count as a foul. And the opponent will have the chance to move the cue ball on their own.
  • Potting the black ball will grant you a defeat. So, it is the last ball that you have to pot after the others.

Make Choice

Your decision in choosing the pattern of the ball (stripes/spots) is really clinical. It will give you a bigger chance to win. Choosing the lesser one will not guarantee you a win. The best way is to look at the position of the balls first. Make sure that they are in a good position to be potted. So, it will be easier for you to potting all the balls.

Don’t Shoot too Hard

When you want to shoot the ball, there will be a power meter to measure how hard you shoot the ball. So, make sure not to shoot it with too much or less power. It is better if you can make a perfect one. If it is too hard, you will have a bigger chance to miss out the hole. And if it is too slow, it will be hard for the ball to reach the hole. Having the ability and understanding on how to shoot the ball correctly will help you a lot to win the game.

Practice a Lot

In order to make you better and better, you should keep practicing. This is the best way to become a pro in this game. You need to know that being a pro is not in a short time. You need to get a lot of experience and make yourself get used to playing it first before you become a real professional player. This is the last tips for 8 Ball Pool that I can tell you.

Try all of the 8 Ball Pool tips and tricks above if you want to be a better player. I’m sure you will be better after following all of it. So, don’t forget to try it and see you again in the next article.

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