Runescape Guide To Obtain Gold Quickly For Newbie!

Runescape guide

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you about one of my most favorite game. Do you know what is it? Well, it’s Runescape game. So, do you ever heard about it? Do you know why I love this game? Well, check out my article today to know about the excitement of playing this Runescape and what this game offer to us. Don’t worry because I will also write about Runescape guide to you, so you can acquire a lot of gold easily.

Runescape Game Review

Runescape account

Runescape is very amazing game because this game can survive for more than 15 years in the gaming world. Also for your information, there are not so many games that can hang on for more than 15 years until now. Well, honestly I’m not a professional player or top player in this game but I will try to give the best tips about this Runescape game for you. That’s why I want you to stay tuned for my Runescape review for more information about this game.

This game is published by Jagex on 4 January 2001 and still survive until now. Well, I know this game is quite old but there are still so many people that hang on this game and enjoy this game. The only problem with this game is the gold system that quite hard to get. Well, you need to do a lot of hard quests or do a long time farming to get a few golds to strengthen your character and that’s quite wasting your time, right?

Runescape Guide To Farm Gold

Runescape game

Well, the only thing that becomes a real problem on this game is about the availability of the gold on your character and because there are not so many people that understand the system of gold making on this game, today I will share some of my gold guides on my Runescape account to all of you! Remember to choose it wisely because I will share from the hardest way with a high profit to the easiest way with lower profit.

Runescape Gold Guide:

Method Profit Category
Killing Araxxi 8.933.000 Combat/High
Crafting Mist Runes 2.146.000 Runecrafting
Mining Granite 576.000 Mining


However, if you already doing all of those gold mining tricks but you are still poor AF, maybe there’s something wrong with your gold management. There are only two solutions available for you. First, you need to change the way you spend your gold and the other way is with using this Runescape Hack Generator. What can that generator do? That generator can give you so much gold freely without any charge. Isn’t that amazing? So, what are you waiting for?? Click on that link now and enjoy your free gold right away!

Well, I think my article today about Runescape guide is enough for today. I hope my guide today will help you to make your gameplay much easier. If you think my article today is useful for today, please share my article today to the other Runescape player. I hope we will meet in my next article and have a nice day guys.


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