Clash Of Clans Tips To Level Up Faster Than Anyone!

clash of clans tips

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Let’s start our topic today about a base strategy game. I guess there are so many of you that also affected by the hysteria of Clash Of Clans game right? So, do you know about Clash Of Clans game? Yeah, you are right, it’s the Clash of Clans from SuperCell. Unfortunately, this game added a more complex gameplay than the other similar game, if you ask my opinion. Clash of Clans requires more strategy rather than putting a unpenetrable wall and a few tower like Boom Beach or Clash Royale. That’s why I think the complexity of Clash Royale strategy is far beyond Clash Of Clans. That’s why I will share some of my Clash of Clans tips to you. Check it out!

Clash Of Clans Tips

town hall

Protect Your Resources

My first Clash Of Clans tips for beginners is to protect the resources. The main point of making a strong base is to protect your resources such as gold and elixir. These two things are used for upgrading your defenses and buildings, for example, archer tower, cannon, wall, barrack and etc. You can protect it by placing your Town Hall or also known as TH on the outside of the building. So, the attacker of your castle will just leave you alone even though they attack you.


Arrange Your Base To Make It Easier To Level Up

The most important thing that you have to do when you play this game is to arrange your base. You need to do this in order to avoid your enemies attack. Not only to avoid it but also protecting your base from destruction. If you don’t arrange your base, you will get destroyed easily. Well, all you need to remember is to keep your tower on each side of your resources and don’t let any space become a waste.

Save Your Gems To Strengthen Your Character

I suggest you not to waste the Gems especially if you are a newbie player. When you start this game for the first time, you will get a builder to build some buildings and defenses. You can have five of them actually but you need to buy the other builder by using Gems. So, it is important to save them to buy the remaining builders. Unfortunately, it will take a long time until you can buy all the builders if you don’t want to buy it with real bucks. But, I have another easier way to gain it fast and easy. Just click on this Clash Of Clans hack if you want to get lots of it. I use this way too in order to get them.


Never Let Your Worker Unproductive

As a newbie player, you need to do everything fast. At first, you will have a shield for around seven days if you are not attacking anyone. So, use this chance and keep upgrading things when your builder is free. Don’t let your builder become UNPRODUCTIVE because this will slow down your progress. Upgrade your tower or defense wall once they have finished. There will be a notification on your phone when they have done their job.

Well, I think my article today about Clash of Clans tips is enough and clear for today. If you think my tips this day is useful for you, please share this with your friends. Thanks for coming to my website. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day.


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