School of Dragons Tips | The Important Stuff That You Should Know About the Game!

school of dragons tips

Hey, guys, do you play School of Dragons game? If so, how’s your progress? Is it went smoothly as you want? Or you have difficulties to keep pace in the game? If so, I can solve all your problem immediately by giving you School of Dragons Tips. The tips below that I give you is really useful, especially for you who ignorant in the game like this. That’s is the right choice for you to look at the tips below.

School of Dragons Tips

  • Don’t Spend Your Precious Gems: Energy is really crucial in this kind of game. If your dragon doesn’t have enough energy you can’t complete the quest you want to do. So, is it right to use gems in this kind of situation? The answer is nope. You don’t need to do that. There is a plenty way to refill your energy, one of them is giving your dragon a food to replenish the energy that already gone. You don’t need to waste all the gems just to take back your energy. Because of the gems really precious in this game.
  • Fishing is important: Yup, when fishing, you will get plenty of food for your dragon. In order to make your dragon always happy and have enough energy. But, you can also go to the farm to search for a food. But, I think the most effective one is by fishing, you will get a lot rare food. It’s your choice, do whatever you see fit.
  • Turn Your Dragon Into an Adult Quickly: In order for you to ride your dragon, you need to do some hassle things that everyone will hate for sure. But, I have a quick solution for you. Just pay 500 gems to turn your dragon immediately into an adult. You won’t regret it because you can fly with your beloved dragon and do many others trick. Of course, you need to level up a little bit more to have your dragon shoot the fireball.
  • Join the Clan Right Away: You don’t have enough gold? If so, you can join the clan to collect free gold everyday. Of course, the amount is not that great, depending on the clan ranking and any other aspects. Oh yeah, you can also earn gems along the way.

school of dragons gameplay

  • Don’t forget to do the Flight Club: Flying, yeah it’s really cool to see it. Especially in this game, because flying is really important. Why? Yeah, you can see the quest in this game related to the flying ability. If you suck at flying, of course, you will fail regularly. That’s why Flight club is a really important place for you to hone your flying skill.
  • Earn Free Gems: Actually, this is the tips from me. You can earn School of Dragons free gems without buying with the in-app-purchase or another method. How come? Just click the link that I provide here “ School of Dragons Generator Tool” By clicking the link, you already agreed with the term. Of course, it’s for free, you don’t need to worry about it.

Okay, guys, I think that’s the School of Dragons tips that I can give you for today. If you want to ask another question about it, don’t hesitate to write down your problem below. I will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your attention, and don’t forget to keep playing School of Dragons game!


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