Agar.Io Review and Guide For Newbie Player

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Do you know what’s Agar.Io game? Well, this game lately becomes so popular as the most played website game. To play this game is quite simple because there are no rules and this game also quite fascinating because you can beat anyone from another country to prove you are the best. However, there are still not so many people that understand about this game. So, that’s why today I want to share with you some tricks and tips on my Agar.Io review. Check it out, guys.

Agar.Io Review

Agar. Io tips

Agar.Io is an old game that released on April 28, 2005. Created by Matheus Valadare and published by Miniclip SA, this game hit its success and goes to the peak of its popularity. This game is published on 6 different platforms that make this game is easier to play.

I believe everyone in here ever played Agar.Io game before and also the best player. However, there are still a few people doing the same mistake again and again even though they are a professional player and have been playing this game since a very long time ago. So, that’s why I’m here to give you a review about this game.

Agar.Io game is very popular because of its simple gameplay. This game goal is to swallow the other player as much as you can and make it your part. However, this game also having a few obstacle like the other player with a bigger body. If you accidentally touch them, maybe you can get swallowed too. That’s why a player who plays this game needs an extra awareness to play this game.

Agar.Io Tips

Well, to make you a much better Agar.Io player, I will share up some Agar.Io tips to you. Check it out!

Agar.Io Tips
  1. If you want to become big again after splitting your cell quicker than waiting for them to absorb each other, why not try finding a wall and corner to eject mass towards for one of your cells to eat. This is a strategy used by many players. you can do this without a wall when in 3+ pieces, just feed the piece you want to feed but aiming at one of your small pieces.
  2. It’s generally a good idea to eject one mass into a cell (player) much larger than you. They won’t bother eating you If you’re too small and since you gave them mass they will either team with you or won’t attack you. Ejecting to a skilled player and avoid dangers, but watch out for solo players as they generally think that mass shooting means that you’re a teamer.
  3. if a bunch of big cells surrounds you when you’re small, be as unpredictable as possible so they can’t split TWICE to eat you. (if they split twice another cell and kill him by splitting once)
  4. When you are sure that you are teaming with another player let them eat your smaller cell if you somehow split from a virus, and eat their smaller cell if they split from it.
  5. Even though a bunch of small cells may seem like an easy target, be careful, because it can merge into a cell bigger than you. If there is more than 6 or 7, do not try and eat that player unless if you can split and eat them.
Last Tips

Well, if you still having a trouble even though you already followed these tricks, you can try clicking at this Agar.Io generator. Once you click it I guarantee you will become invincible. Well, I think my article today about Agar.Io review is enough and clear for today. If you think my tips this day is useful for you, please share this with your friends. Thanks for coming to my website and spare a few minutes to read my article today. I hope we will meet in my next article. Well, see you soon on my next article and have a nice day.


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