Moshi Monsters Tips to Level Up Quickly | The Best Method For You!

moshi monsters tips

Hey back again to your beloved website. Now, my topic is about Moshi Monsters game. Of course, you know very well about this web-based game, right? The game is about raising your monsters. It’s like a virtual simulation game where you can play with your beloved monsters. Today, I will give you the secret tips to level up your account quickly. Is it possible? The answer is yes, just see Moshi Monsters tips below for future information.

Moshi Monsters Tips | The Best Way to Level up Quickly!

Daily Challenge at the Puzzle Palace

Actually this method is not really effective to unleash you become the member of this game. Why? Because being the member, you can get double XP if you clear the puzzle in this place.

Monstro City

The next is by going to the Monstro City. For a free player, this city like a heaven. Because it’s very easy to earn XP. Just play the game in the city to earn the tremendous XP although it’s not that many as the daily puzzle palace. Moshling Bosling is a good start that you can play because it’s not waste your time to play this one.

Mystery Gifts From Player

When you received mystery gifts from our friends. There is a chance that you can get free XP from the box. You can get 50 XP for free without any hard method. Of course, it’s the luck factor who talk.

More Friends More XP

Actually, it’s not quite right. But, each time you befriend someone, you can send mystery gift to them and if they send back the gift there is a chance for you to get XP. In order to raise the chance, you need to befriend as many friends as you meet. Even though you don’t get the XP, you will still get Rox which is the main currency of the game.

moshi monsters gameplay

That’s the simple Moshi Monster tips from me to earn level quickly. Do you have another method that I can try? Just write down in the comments section. Oh yeah, I still have one tips for all of you, what is it? It’s the way to getting free Rox. Do you want to know more about it? You can click the link below.

“Moshi Monsters Hack”

Okay, guys, that’s the end of my article. Hopefully, it can help the fellow players who play Moshi Monsters game. See you all again next time and have a nice day guys!


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